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We offer insider information about European National minor Leagues fixed matches. Also we offer good odds and sparing prices to earn money. Please read Terms & Conditions before contact us. Good luck, guys.

Note: we accept escrow to keep you sure we are legit. Learn more about it>>>

The info we provide is not analyze, it is insider. So the result is correct all the time.

It means you can bet any amounts of money for the match and get a big profit with the first time.

We provide correct info only

We guarantee it.

Match ID: 07289
Date: 17 May
Odd: 2.4-2.5 Cost: $140
Match ID: 07290
Date: 18 May Odd: 2.6-3.0
Cost: $150 ESCROW
Match ID: 07291

We know there are many scams in deep web. Also we know you want to be sure we are legit. Due to it we accept clearnet escrow.

You can offer your escrow service, but we can decline it with no explain.

Date: 20 May Odd: 2.6-3.0 Cost: $150
Special #149
Date: 17 May Odd: 13.0 Cost: $300
Special #150
Date: 18 May Odd: 22.0 Cost: $420
Order It: Just email us on and put match ID into subject of your message.

Terms & Conditions

General info

  1. We offer results of fixed matches of European minor National Leagues. 
  2. It is not analyze info. It is insider info from our informers.
  3. We don't give free matches for test. Use escrow if you are not sure we are legit.
  4. We don't give any discounts.

How to order

  1. You should put Match ID into the subject of your message.
  2. After you place an order we will give you payment info.
  3. After we confirm your payment we will give you info about fixed match by email.

Payment info

We accept Bitcoin, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and Perfect Money as a payment method

Bitcoin rate

Note: Bitcoin is the best and safiest way to pay. You can use escrow if you will pay via Bitcoin. And you can't use escrow if you choose PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or Perfect Money as a payment way.

Contact us

If you want to get info about match:

1. Place match ID into the subject of your message
2. Let us know what payment way you will use
3. Send your message to

If you want to ask some questions:

1. Read our Terms & Conditions before ask.
2. Note that we very appreciate our own time and always follow our rules. So please don't offer to us conditions unlike placed ones on our website.